It serves as our law, derived from the principles of “Islamic Sharia”, and from the best professional practices in business environment.


    We seek to achieve full compliance with all the commitments and agreements that we hold, as well as compliance with all laws, regulations and decisions that comes through organizations and Supervisory authorities which overseeing the company's businesses.

Professional Care

    We  are keen to maintain an appropriate level of professional  care in all our services and products to ensure the added value that exceed customer expectations.


Reliability and Efficiency
    Continuously, we are developing our capabilities to ensure the efficiency of our human resources to provide the best product which is appropriate in accordance with the actual needs of customers.

Work Environment

    The company believes that its success requires a focus on creating an internal working environment which stimulating creativity and supported by professionals at a high level of scientific and practical training.
We work as a team, and adopt the principle of effective participation with our customers to succeed.

Quality in All Our Business
    Our strategy concentrates on ensuring a high level of quality in the works that we accomplish, not only to satisfy the renewable needs of our customers, but to achieve our vision over the long term.

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
    We are committed to the highest standards of conduct and business ethics in all our dealings. We recognize the differences of these rules according to business environments and markets in which we operate.
  We commit honesty, Secretariat, sincerity and full transparency to ensure goals achievement and to success in achieving the principle of effective partnership with the parties that we deal with.

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